When it comes to family get-togethers, everyone is there to catch up and have fun! What better way to get your family reunion hopping than to play some family activities? Playing fun games and engaging with each other will help break the ice, create an atmosphere of happiness and make your family reunion one for the books.


Simon Says Parachute

This game is great for family reunions because it’ll get your family moving and it can be played with any amount of people! With the Simon Says Parachute console, you have a variety of easy games right at your fingertips. Have everyone take hold of the parachute and follow the “Simon Says” audio for some super silly parachute fun.


Giant Lighted Dice

The great thing about playing dice games is that there are so many variations and types of games to play! Twist Time’s Giant Lighted Dice are over 350% bigger than traditional dice and flash with colorful lights every time they are thrown. Right out of the gate, these dice are ready to roll in your living room or backyard to play any game that you can dream up. Don’t worry about the sun going down because the lighted dots on these huge dice are designed to work in any type of lighting. Toss one at a time or use the included dice cup to throw them all at once.


Comet Ball Crash

If you’re a fan of classic outdoor games like horseshoes, then you’ll love Comet Ball Crash. Simple to pick up and play, this is the outdoor game for anyone and everyone at your family reunion. Spin the long fabric tail to launch comets at the ring targets to score points, or have your guests come up with their own rules for the game! You could also play catch or see who can throw the comets the farthest.


Fish & Flips

This is a great indoor and outdoor family game for any size of living room or backyard, as you don’t need a lot of space to play. All ages can appreciate the fun, which is great for large get-togethers! The Fish & Flips game makes it your job to flip squiggly worms into the hungry fish’s mouth as he spins around in search of his favorite food. This game is perfect for entertaining kids while keeping them contained and enthralled.


Ball Toss 4

Ball Toss 4 is a mega sized four-in-a-row game, which is easy and fun for both indoor and outdoor. Played on teams or singles, Ball Toss 4 is a game of connecting four of the same colored balls. The lightweight structure makes it easy to take with you anywhere, and the netting at the top allows for play from far distances. Create a tournament bracket and give away prizes for this strategic game.


Giant Memory Mayhem

Who doesn’t love a good card game? Use the Giant Memory Mayhem game at your next family reunion to bring everyone together for a fun memory game. You and your kids can take turns flipping over cards to see who can find the most matches. The large and colorful cards are water-resistant and durable, so they are great for use on the lawn or floor.


Tower Crash

There is nothing more fun than creating a tower by stacking objects until the tower topples!
The Tower Crash game is ready to play straight out of the box. Stack the game pieces into a tower, and roll the dice to see which pieces need to be carefully removed. Lightweight pieces make this an exciting family activity for all ages.


Lighted Bean Bag Bash

Make your yard the brightest of the night with Lighted Bean Bag Bash. The lights on the target glow brightly, making it easy to see for nighttime play. The target erupts in a series of awesome flashing lights when the bullseye is hit with the lighted bean bags. The fun doesn’t have to stop just because the sun goes down!


Bucket Bingo

Bucket Bingo is great for everyone in the family because anyone can play regardless of mobility. This grab-and-go bingo game is played with large colored balls and includes a spinner game piece to give everyone their own turn!


Word Scramble

If you have members of your family who love word searches and word games, then Word Scramble should be your game of choice for your next indoor or outdoor family reunion. The yard or floor becomes a giant game board with Word Scramble. Play one-on-one or choose sides to create the biggest word game you have every seen!


With all of these indoor/outdoor family game ideas, your living room or backyard can be transformed into a welcoming, entertaining hub for every member of your family! You can even make these family fun games more competitive by adding in prizes for the winners or hosting a “closing ceremony” event at the end to recap the fun time you and your family have had together!