Purchase Twist Time Games Fish & Flips only at Target

Fish & Flips

Finneas is one big, HUNGRY fish! It’s your job to flip the squiggly worms into his mouth as he spins in search of his favorite food!  Get a worm into his mouth and he will stop and ask for more! don’t take too long or Finneas will swim in circles again, searching for his next snack.

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Purchase Twist Time Games Giant Lighted Dice only at Target

Giant Lighted Dice

Your dice games just got a WHOLE lot more fun. Twist Time’s Light Up Dice are over 350% bigger and flash with colorful lights every time they are thrown!  Toss one at a time or use the included dice cup to throw them all at once. 

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Purchase Twist Time Games Simon Says Parachute only at Target

Simon Says Parachute

It’s ‘Simon Says’ like never before! Gather a group of four or more together. Have everyone take hold of the parachute. Press the game play button on the console. The ‘Simon Says’ audio will lead you through some super silly parachute fun.  Don’t feel like playing with the parachute?  No problem, just choose one of two other games for more ‘Simon Says’ fun!

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Purchase Twist Time Games Ball Toss 4 only at Target

Ball Toss 4

The classic 4-in-a-row game just got a whole lot more fun! Ball Toss 4 uses fun, colorful balls that can be dropped in or if you want to Increase the challenge and the excitement, connect the net and try to tossing four in a row. 

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Purchase Twist Time Games Gopher Golf only at Target

Gopher Golf

It’s your job to get the gopher back to it’s hole! Stand a gopher on his “tail” and launch him toward one of four holes in this goofy golf game. Play head-to-head or share clubs between players for a group game. No silly shorts or golf shoes required! Just be ready for some outlandish fun!

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Purchase Twist Time Games Giant Memory Mayhem only at Target

Giant Memory Mayhem

Set-up any number of cards, it’s always a blast when you play Memory Mayhem! Take turns flipping over cards to see who can find the most matches.  Make sure to check out the instructions  for the many games that can be played with the giant, colorful cards!

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Purchase Twist Time Games Wacky Water Range only at Target

Wacky Water Range

Wacky Water Range brings a favorite carnival game to your backyard! Connect the two blasters to any standard hose and get ready to race!  Each player takes aim at their opponent’s target, then releases a stream of water that causes the target to twist and flip. Play offense or defense! Be the first to push your opponent’s target off the center pole to Win!

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Purchase Twist Time Games Tower Crash only at Target

Tower Crash

Challenge your friends to build the biggest tower with Tower Crash! Start off with a small tower and keep building! Be careful though, as the tower gets taller, it gets more wobbly —until…CRASH! 

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Purchase Twist Time Games Gator Grab only at Target

Gator Grab

These gators are hungry and it’s your job to scoop their snacks! Use the nets to scoop the colorful balls out of the swamp and into the Gator’s mouth.  Every gator has a favorite snack, so make sure you grab The right color!  The Gator that gets all of his snacks first, wins! 

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Twist Time Comet Ball Crash

Comet Ball Crash

Spin the long fabric tail to launch your Comet Ball! Set up the Ring targets with friends for traditional play, or see who can throw their comet ball the farthest! Each Comet Ball Crash set comes with four safe and durable Comet Balls. perfect for game play or just for tossing around for fun!

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Twist Time Lighted Bean Bag Bash cool games

Giant Lighted Bean Bag Bash

Make your yard the brightest star of the night with Lighted Bean Bag Bash. The lights on the target glow brightly, making it easy to see for night-time play. Take aim with your light-up bean bags. When you hit the target it erupts in a series of awesome flashing lights!

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Purchase Twist Time Games Word Scramble only at Target

Word Scramble

The biggest word game you have ever seen! The yard or floor becomes a giant game board with Word Scramble! Left, right, up, down – there is no limit to where you can go with this GIANT word challenge.  Play one-on-one or choose sides. everyone can get involved in the scramble!

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Purchase Twist Time Games Bucket Bingo only at Target

Bucket Bingo

A Fun new twist on bingo! Grab-and-go fun with the Giant Bucket Bingo! Mix the balls with the handle on top, remove a colored ball and take a spin!

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